Zinc is one of the most tried and true battery chemistries out there. It's safe, materials are readily accessible, and it can pack a lot of energy. But for all its advantages, most zinc batteries have not been able to overcome two characteristic flaws: they're not rechargeable; and they contain an unstable water-based electrolyte, which requires it to be sealed in a container.

Imprint Energy's patented ZincPoly™ chemistry is a zinc-based, rechargeable battery materials solution that does away with these historical challenges. Using many of the same ingredients found in traditional zinc batteries, our team has developed a chemistry that was initiated by focusing on the electrolyte itself, after which electrodes and current collector layers were optimized to be complementary. Since the electrolyte is the component of zinc batteries that touches everything, stability of the electrolyte affects the performance and longevity. We've created a proprietary High Conductivity Polymer Electrolyte (HCPE) that is stable, allows the battery to recharge, can transport ions at a rapid rate, and most importantly, it's printable to a solid state. No container necessary.