Imprint Energy was founded in 2010 to reshape the battery landscape through the commercialization of its breakthrough, zinc-based rechargeable battery technology, ZincPoly™, developed by the company's founders at the University of California, Berkeley. We aim to improve portable power by significantly lowering its cost and by removing form factor limitations and safety concerns. Imprint Energy's novel electrochemistry system utilizes non-toxic, inherently safe materials that enable scalable, print-based manufacturing of ultrathin, flexible, rechargeable batteries with high energy and power density. Imprint Energy provides research and development services, specializing in the development of new battery products.

At Imprint Energy, we strive to think outside the box, the canister, and the pouch. We look for employees, partners, customers, and investors who share our belief that the battery market is ripe for innovation and primed for growth. If this description fits you, we encourage you to contact us. Interested candidates should review our Careers page for open positions.


Christine Ho, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Devin MacKenzie, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

George Jue

Chief Financial Officer


Brooks Kincaid


Professor James Evans

UC Berkeley, Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Paul Wright

UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering

Russ Wilcox

Former CEO, E Ink