Contact us about our Imprint Battery Developer’s Kit (BDK)

Imprint offers a developer’s kit, the Imprint BDK, to help you in your initial evaluation, design and testing of projects benefiting from Imprint’s advantages.

Our kit includes 30 3-volt battery packs (which you can split into 60 1.5 volt cells), documentation (e.g. see the data sheet for our standard 3V battery pack), and importantly, access to our technical team to discuss your application and its power requirements, and support you in testing and evaluation. We’ve found that this technical support is an important tool to support project success; we charge for these kits to ensure dedicated engineering time.

If interested: click the button below to tell us about your application; power requirements; timeline and scale of your project (e.g. “targeting market pilot of xx thousand units within x months, with potential for x million units per year in 2021”); and your location. Someone will get back to you quickly.