Our goal has always been to produce batteries in an inexpensive, scalable way. One way of doing this is through screen-printing. Screen-printing equipment is widely available, easily scalable, and inexpensive. It's the same equipment that we use to print witty phrases on our t-shirts.

To create solid-state batteries using our ZincPoly™ chemistry, we've developed a series of electrochemical inks. They use the same raw electrode materials that are utilized in conventional zinc batteries, but have been enhanced to work with existing screen-printing manufacturing equipment. We're not synthesizing new raw materials, nor are we modifying any manufacturing hardware.

Electrochemical Inks

  • Current Collector
  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • Packaging
  • Interconnects

We're enhancing conventional materials to work
with existing manufacturing equipment.

Through this innovative, scalable process, Imprint Energy produces hundreds of batteries on a daily basis for research & development (R&D) and sampling purposes. Samples and prototypes are provided for serious partners and customers.