Cost-effectiveness and mass production capabilities aside, Imprint Energy has found incredible performance value in our innovative, multi-layer monolith battery design.

Low Resistance,
More Power

Because each component of our battery is printed directly on top of each other, every layer is intimately and completely in direct contact. This results in low internal resistance, allowing us to maximize the amount of electrons extracted that we can utilize towards powering a device.  

and flexible

Since every layer in our batteries are bonded together, when the battery is flexed, the layers don’t have the urge to break apart. Additionally, our environmentally stable ZincPoly™ chemistry allows us to print our inks into a solid-state, leaving little need for complex packaging that’s typical of most other batteries. The result is a safe, flexible, durable, ultra-thin battery.


Most conventional batteries can only be produced in rectangles or coil shapes—a limitation of the materials and their manufacturing methods. With Imprint Energy’s ZincPoly™ technology, our team has engineered our inks to be solid-state, including the electrolyte. Combining our inks with simple screen printing machines, we’re able to create batteries in any shape to meet a product's specific design needs, all without compromising battery performance.