Imprint’s ZincPoly™ technology

Imprint’s proprietary ZincPoly™ technology is the key to high-energy, safe, stable, solid-state, flexible batteries. We started by creating a High Conductivity Polymer Electrolyte (HCPE) that is stable, rechargeable, printable to a solid state, and does not need a sealed container; this also enables notably low internal resistance, which maximizes power. And because the chemistry is based on zinc rather than lithium, it avoids the safety issues that have plagued many lithium technologies and added to their costs. 


A complete battery uses a set of proprietary electrochemical inks and electrode materials that have been designed to work with large-scale printing equipment; we print a multi-layer device stack to produce each battery and do this “en masse” in continuous sheets or rolls. Since all the layers in our batteries are bonded together, the battery is very durable when flexed – an important requirement for small cells subjected to tough everyday wear. And since our cells are printed, they can be produced in most any shape and size to meet specific project design needs.

Our technology is protected by extensive intellectual property, including many patents and trade secrets.


Imprint’s process technology

Imprint’s process technologies enable inexpensive, scalable production to millions of cells.

We started by screen-printing on table-top equipment a sheet at a time. Now, we have repeatedly validated continuous production runs on multiple types of commercial equipment at the facilities of our licensees and partners. 


Our successful commercial scale-up is not just about the chemistry. We have continually improved every part of the process, including ink composition and mixing; substrates; device integration; printing speeds; drying methods; layer alignment; deposition methods; interconnect design; singulation techniques; component and finished good storage; and more. The result is a scalable process that can run on inexpensive equipment to support modest volumes up through reference line designs to support hundreds of millions of cells per year.

We package, transfer and adapt our technology to enable EMS firms and contract manufacturers to internalize and use our technology to mass-produce Imprint-powered products for their customers.

High-volume production at Imprint-certified manufacturing partners

To date, multiple firms have implemented and run Imprint process technology, using Imprint materials, to produce sizable numbers of cells meeting Imprint specs.

Imprint licensees will be able to produce high volumes of integrated products that deliver genuine Imprint benefits.