Revolutionizing the Battery for the Internet of Everything

In recent years, product innovation has jumped leaps and bounds. Wireless wearables, sensors, smart tags, and medical devices, are only a few examples of the latest electronics demanding a lasting and flexible power supply. Unfortunately, advancements in portable electronic devices are quickly outpacing current battery technologies.

At Imprint Energy, we're changing the game with our breakthrough zinc-based rechargeable battery technology: ZincPoly™.

Zinc is one of the most tried and true battery chemistries out there. It's safe, materials are readily accessible, and it can pack a lot of energy. But for all its advantages, most zinc batteries have not been able to overcome two characteristic flaws: they're not rechargeable; and they contain an unstable water-based electrolyte, which requires it to be sealed in a container.

Imprint Energy's patented ZincPoly™ chemistry is a zinc-based, rechargeable battery materials solution that does away with these historical challenges. Using many of the same ingredients found in traditional zinc batteries, our team has developed a chemistry that was initiated by focusing on the electrolyte itself, after which electrodes and current collector layers were optimized to be complementary. Since the electrolyte is the component of zinc batteries that touches everything, stability of the electrolyte affects the performance and longevity. We've created a proprietary High Conductivity Polymer Electrolyte (HCPE) that is stable, allows the battery to recharge, can transport ions at a rapid rate, and most importantly, it's printable to a solid state. No container necessary.

Our goal has always been to produce batteries in an inexpensive, scalable way. One way of doing this is through screen-printing. Screen-printing equipment is widely available, easily scalable, and inexpensive. It's the same equipment that we use to print witty phrases on our t-shirts.

To create solid-state batteries using our ZincPoly™ chemistry, we've developed a series of electrochemical inks. They use the same raw electrode materials that are utilized in conventional zinc batteries, but have been enhanced to work with existing screen-printing manufacturing equipment. We're not synthesizing new raw materials, nor are we modifying any manufacturing hardware.

Electrochemical Inks

  • Current Collector
  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • Packaging
  • Interconnects

We're enhancing conventional materials to work
with existing manufacturing equipment.

Through this innovative, scalable process, Imprint Energy produces hundreds of batteries on a daily basis for research & development (R&D) and sampling purposes. Samples and prototypes are provided for serious partners and customers.

The design of Imprint Energy's batteries is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. Depositing inks for battery manufacturing isn't new. Today, many battery companies are printing or solution depositing parts of their batteries, then manually manufacturing the remainder of it.

At Imprint Energy, we've designed our batteries to be 100% printed using normal, everyday screen-printing machines. We print one layer of the battery on top of another. Essentially, we are printing a multilayer device stack to produce a single, ultra-thin battery.

Cost-effectiveness and mass production capabilities aside, Imprint Energy has found incredible performance value in our innovative, multi-layer monolith battery design.

Low Resistance,
More Power

Because each component of our battery is printed directly on top of each other, every layer is intimately and completely in direct contact. This results in low internal resistance, allowing us to maximize the amount of electrons extracted that we can utilize towards powering a device.  

and flexible

Since every layer in our batteries are bonded together, when the battery is flexed, the layers don’t have the urge to break apart. Additionally, our environmentally stable ZincPoly™ chemistry allows us to print our inks into a solid-state, leaving little need for complex packaging that’s typical of most other batteries. The result is a safe, flexible, durable, ultra-thin battery.


Most conventional batteries can only be produced in rectangles or coil shapes—a limitation of the materials and their manufacturing methods. With Imprint Energy’s ZincPoly™ technology, our team has engineered our inks to be solid-state, including the electrolyte. Combining our inks with simple screen printing machines, we’re able to create batteries in any shape to meet a product's specific design needs, all without compromising battery performance.